Notes on Renewing an SSL Certificate

Today I had to renew my SSL Certificate that was installed on my IIS7 Server. My SSL Provider is GoDaddy, so I contacted them to pay up for my renewal and they, in turn, sent me updated .crt and .p7b certificates.

The installation procedure that GoDaddy sent me went very smooth – no problems there.

However, when I attempted to access my https:// site, I received an error that mentioned the web server is inaccessible (or may be down).

The problem was caused by the fact that the website’s binding at port 443 was not associated with the SSL Certificate that I renewed.

In the screenshot below you can see that “Not Selected” was selected in stead of the certificate. Once I chose the certificate, browser clients successfully connected to the https:// site.

SSL Certificate Binding

Note: The reason why the Site Binding “lost” its association with the certificate was caused by me deleting the expired certificate prior to installing the new certificate. Regardless, always remember to confirm that your SSL binding is associated with a valid SSL Certificate.