How To Develop a Portion of a Photo to Fit a Specific Sized Frame Using Photoshop


You want to develop just a portion of a photo that you will add to a certain sized picture frame. You are choosing to have your photo developed at a retail store that only offers photo sizes of 4×6, 5×7, etc – in other words, the retail store does NOT develop photos in the size that match the size of your picture frame.


  1. Determine the exact size of the picture that is required for the picture frame. The picture frame in this example requires a picture size of 4.6cm X 4.6cm
  2. Open the picture in Photoshop
  3. Set your Photoshop Preferences to use the Units of Measure that your picture frame uses. In this example, the picture frame requires a 4.6cm X 4.6cm picture so I will set the Photoshop Units to use Centimeters 
  4. In Photoshop, select the “Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)”, then select the portion of the image that you want to be added to your picture frame.
  5. Crop the image to the selection that you just made by going to “Image > Crop” in the main menu.
  6. Open the “Info” palette by going to “Window > Info (F8)”
  7. Select the entire image by going to “Select > All”
  8. Take note of the width and height sizes that is specified in the Info Palette
  9. Using a calculator, divide the target width by the image width. In this example the target width is 4.6cm and the image width is 14.14cm then multiply my 100. So we calculate [(4.6/14.14) * 100 = 32.5]. The value 32.5 implies that the target image is 32.5% the size of the original image. Take note of this value – you will use it in the next step.
  10. We will now resize the image so that it will fit perfectly into the picture frame. Go to “Image > Image Size”. Set the “Pixel Dimensions” units to “Percent”. Then enter in the value that you calculated in the previous step. In this example we came up with the value 32.5%
  11. At this point, the size of the image in Photoshop should be the target size – to confirm this, take a look at the Width and Height specified in the Info Palette.
  12. Create a “Layer from Background” by double-clicking on the “Background” image that is located in the Layers Palette.
  13. Since we will be developing this image onto a 4in X 6in photo paper, we now need to place our image onto a 4x6in Canvas. To do so, go to “Image > Canvas Size”. In the “Canvas Size” window, enter the following values:
    Width: 6 inches
    Height: 4 inches
    Relative Uncheck the “Relative” option
    Anchor: Anchor towards the center
  14. Now we will add a border to the image so that we can see the outline of the 4×6 dimensions. Select the entire layer by hitting “Ctrl>A”, then go to “Edit > Stroke”
  15. In the “Stroke” window, enter
    Width: 5 px
    Color: Black
    Location: Inside
    Blending: Normal
    Opacity: 100%
  16. Save the Photoshop file as a JPEG file
  17. Upload the JPEG file that you just saved to your favorite photo developing store (Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, etc)
  18. Once you receive the developed 4×6 picture, you can cut out the image and insert it into the picture frame.

2 thoughts on “How To Develop a Portion of a Photo to Fit a Specific Sized Frame Using Photoshop

  1. Or:

    3. In Photoshop, select the “Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)”. In the Marque Options, select the “Fixed Ratio” option from the Style dropdown menu. Set it to the relative target dimensions, in this case 4.6 x 4.6. NOTE: This is a perfect square. To select a perfect square with the Marquee tool, hold down the Shift key.

    4. Using the Marquee, select the area of the image you want. Copy.

    5. File -> New

    6. Paste.

    7. Image – Image size…

    8. Resize image to 4.6cm x 4.6cm a Resolution of 150 dpi.

    9. Save.

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