Persist Data On CUWIN5500

You have developed an application for the CUWIN5500 and installed the application in a directory within the Root – For example: “\Program Files\MyApp”. However, your directory (i.e. “…\MyApp” and all of its contents goes away every time you boot the device.

How do you get the data to persist?

On the CUWIN, there are two ways to persist data –

  1. Adding information to the Registry and then saving the Registry via the “SaveRegs” application (located at “\Windows\SaveRegs”)
  2. Saving the data to the “\Flash Disk” (or any external media such as the SD card). When saving data to the Flash Disk, the CUWIN automatically persists that data.

At the time of this writing, I don’t know how to persist the data via the Registry method. I will update this post if I ever get around to it. The fact of the matter is, in my case, saving my data to the Flash Disk (and SD card) is all I need so I really have no motivation to learn the Registry method.


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