Windows Shortcut Commands

The list below contains commands that you can enter into a “Run” window to quickly open applets.

This list is shortened version of Kioskea Network’s “Command prompts for Windows” list.

Control Panel
CONTROL: opens the control panel window
CONTROL ADMINTOOLS: opens the administrative tools
CONTROL FOLDERS: opens folder options
CONTROL INTERNATIONAL or INTL.CPL: opens Regional and Language option
CONTROL PRINTERS: opens faxes and printers available
APPWIZ.CPL: opens Add or Remove programs utility tool
MMSYS.CPL: opens Sound and Audio device Properties. Volume tab
SYSDM.CPL: opens System properties
TELEPHON.CPL: Opens phone and Modem options
CERTMGR.MSC: opens certificate management tool
COMPMGMT.MSC: opens the Computer management tool
DEVMGMT.MSC: opens Device Manager
EVENTVWR or EVENTVWR.MSC: opens Event Viewer
SERVICES.MSC: opens Service manager
GPEDIT.MSC: opens Group Policy utility tool
LUSRMGR.MSC: opens Local Users and Groups
SECPOL.MSC: opens local security settings
PERFMON or PERFMON.MSC: opens the Performance monitor
MDSCHED: opens memory diagnostics tools
REGEDIT or REGEDT32: opens Registry Editor
CLICONFG: opens SQL Server Client Network Utility
MSCONFIG: opens System Configuration Utility

Windows utility and applications
CHARMAP: opens Character Map
NOTEPAD: opens Notepad
CALC: opens Calculator
MSINFO32: Opens the System Information
Taskmgr : Opens the Windows Task Manager
CMD: opens a command prompt
Winver : Opens the window for your Windows version
Mstsc : opens the tool connection Remote Desktop

Disk management
DISKMGMT.MSC: opens disk management utility
CLEANMGR: opens disk drive clean up utility
DFRG.MSC: opens disk defragmenter
CHKDSK: complete analysis of disk partition
DISKPART: disk partitioning tool

Connection management
IPCONFIG (Requires a console window): list the configuration of IP addresses on your PC (for more information type IPCONFIG/? in the CMD menu)
INETCPL.CPL: opens internet properties
FIREWALL.CPL: opens windows firewall
NCPA.CPL: opens the “Network Connections” window

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